PAYMONT welcomes clients of RONDA INVEST a. s.

Since October 1, 2022, there has been a significant increase in the client portfolio of PAYMONT, UAB.  From this date, PAYMONT started managing almost 2,500 client accounts of its sister company from the RONDA HOLDING group – RONDA INVEST. It mainly deals with the financing of development projects and also offers other financing options for the various needs of entrepreneurs. It then offers individuals and legal entities the opportunity to invest in these loans with a yield of up to 9%.

The payment accounts which the PAYMONT company will open for clients of RONDA INVEST will be multi-currency – at the moment it is possible to use an account in CZK and EUR, while in the future it will be possible to use this account for the British pound as well. Effective internet banking, quick settlement of payment transactions and the possibility of currency exchange at a favorable rate are available to clients. The upcoming connection of PAYMONT to the settlement system of the Central Bank of Lithuania, Centrolink, will also be an advantage which, thanks to more efficient service for RONDA INVEST clients investing primarily in EUR, is key, in view of RONDA INVEST’s plans for further expansion.